A fun day, come rain, wind or shine

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The tables were loaded, the gazebos were up and the marquee outside the town hall was finally erected despite the ominous clouds and wind. Minutes later, the marquee was down, the gazebos which hadn’t flown away were packed up and the tables – still loaded – were carried into the town hall.

It was not the start to Norfolk Day Saturday we had expected after six weeks of sunshine and baking temperatures. But the crew at Aylsham Town Hall were very quick to go to Plan B and, after much rearranging of furniture, we settled down to be entertained by the Sutton School of Dancing, the Broadland School of Dance, and Aylsham Community Gym.

They provided a great warm-up for visitors to our Slow Food Taste Experience and Snail Trail buzzer challenge. By mid-morning the hall was buzzing with visitors – locals and tourists – who enthusiastically tested their food knowledge.

By happy chance, among the first to stop by our table was a young chap called, Nelson who, on the day we celebrated the county of his namesake’s birth, showed he too had a steady hand, not at the helm this time, but on our Snail Trail buzzer game.

Young and less young tested their culinary senses at our Slow Food Taste Experience where they were asked to identify certain food and drink items by taste, smell and touch.

So, exactly what was that blue-green drink we tested you with and that familiar but elusive smell? And was that “Admiral Nelson’s Eye” in the bag (a great party game for children)? These visitors to our stall had a go – and were all surprised.

You should have been there.

If you would like to learn more and help promote good, clean and fair food, please come and join us. Our membership discount is still available.



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