Ultimate Toad in the Hole

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There is no better winter comfort food than a Toad in the Hole. Here’s our take on the classic dish, which can be done using gluten free sausages. We then like to smother the amazing batter and sausages in gravy made with Wild Bill Hiccup best bitter. © Mike Deal


PREP TIME 20 minutes

COOK TIME 25 minutes


  • 140g Flour
  • 3 large eggs
  • Approx 80ml Milk
  • Approx 80ml Wild Summer Pale Ale
  • Sausage of your choice
  • Vegetable oil



Toad in the Hole
  1. Preheat oven to 220c
  2. Place sausages in a rectangular glass/Pyrex dish
  3. Drizzle some oil over the top
  4. Place in the hot oven for 15 mins
  5. Prepare your batter (can be done in advance and left in the fridge) by adding the flour to a bowl, creating a dip in the middle and cracking the eggs into this
  6. Slowly start whisking the mixture together until the flour and eggs combine, making a thick paste that will probably stick to your whisk.
  7. Slowly add the milk until the mixture starts to thin and continue by slowly adding the Wild Summer until your batter is the correct consistency. This is when it begins to thin but still holds to the whisk and almost ‘pours’ off it. Season the mixture.
  8. Take the sausages out of the oven and place onto the hot hob, allow the oil to start smoking and add the batter, pouring over the sausages and filling every corner of the dish. Place into the oven and don’t be tempted to open it for another 25 mins!
  9. For the gravy, add some butter to a frying pan and slowly fry sliced onions until soft and browned on the edges
  10. Add the 2 spoons of flour to the onions, stir until onions are completely covered. Start to add the stock and Wild Bill Hiccup while stirring at all times. Stop when the gravy becomes the consistency you like.  Keep an eye on it as it thickens and add more beer/stock to keep your desired consistency.
  11. Steam some veg of your choice… Cauliflower, Broccoli and carrots are always a good combo.
  12. Remove the Toad in the Hole from the oven and serve immediately, pour over lashings of gravy and enjoy with a pint of Wildcraft beer.


With thanks to Wild Craft Brewing

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