Bake a better future, one loaf at a time.

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The 11th annual international Real Bread Week runs from 22 February to 1 March. Its key aims are encouraging people to:

A particular focus this year is on the power that Real Bread making has to help people transform their lives.

Raising awareness

Disempowered women, people with learning disabilities, and prisoners are just some of the many people who’d previously faced challenges finding their place in the workforce but are now gaining skills for employment as Real Bread bakers.

Meanwhile, people who, for one reason or another, have had a tougher time than many of us are enjoying the therapeutic benefits of making Real Bread by hand. In many cases, they’re doing so in the mutually-supportive company of others.

Throughout Real Bread Week, the Real Bread Campaign will be throwing the spotlight via social media and a series of new articles on just some of the amazing enterprises and organisations helping to make this happen.

Raising dough

Sustain, the charity that created and runs Real Bread Week is raising money so that the Real Bread Campaign can build on its work celebrating, connecting and supporting the people, enterprises and organisations behind the rise of Real Bread. You can help in one (or more) of these ways to ensure that more people can benefit from the employment, therapeutic and social opportunities of Real Bread making:

Details of bakeries, baking schools, Real Bread Week events and the whole shebang above can be found at:

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