Ready! Steady! Slooooow . . . for the Great Aylsham Snail Race

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The race is on to find the first Great Aylsham Snail Race winner.

For more than 25 years, the World Snail Racing Championships had been held at Congham, near King’s Lynn. But Covid stalled the races and they were subsequently abandoned as a result.

However, we in Slow Food, whose symbol is the snail, are keen to revive the event in Aylsham and will hold the first races at the Food & Craft Market on Saturday 5 August,. from 10.30am – it’s a fun event for young and old alike – but mainly young – with FREE entry.

“Children make better snail owners and trainers than adults. They make pets of their snails and let them crawl all over their arms, legs and faces,” says Hilary Scase, who organised the Congham races.

The world record of two minutes over the 13-inch course was set up by a snail called Archie in 1995. “He went out to stud as is usually the way with world champions,” says Hilary.

How to enter

Simply email with name, age, and contact details of the entrant as well as the name of your snail to be registered.

The current World Champion is a snail called Larry, whose owner came from Castle Acre near Swaffham. His time was 2 minutes 47 seconds.

“The race is organised and refereed by the Snail Master who keeps order, tests for drugs, watches out for cheating, and starts the races. He keeps the course well-watered to encourage good speeds.”

Entrants are advised to collect snails from a garden or hedgerow. Favourite places are behind or underneath big stones. They like wet areas. And owners like to give their snails names like Speedy or Zoomer.
So start the hunt for your winning snail now.

The following Aylsham traders are entered in the Snail Race – Business Challenge

ABEF – Aylsham Business Enterprise Forum
Carousel Chocolates
Harvest Moon
Mane Street Barbers
Ms of Aylsham

6 Responses

  1. Slow Food Aylsham

    Looking forward to seeing your “sleek-shelled runner”.

  2. Ian Malcolm Haynes

    The Congham World Championships has not disappeared, it was held again on the 8th July in the birth place of the event.
    Whilst we wish you every success with your event please can you ensure you are correct in the fact that the “World Championships” can only be held in Congham as per the Guinness World Records and a copyright.

    • Editor

      Thanks for the update Ian. I was not aware of this. I was assured by the Congham organisers that the event had been abandoned due to lack of interest after Covid. I accept that the “World Championships” can only be held in Congham.
      Patrick Prekopp, Chair Slow Food Aylsham

      • Ian Malcolm Haynes

        Thank you Patrick, that was the position until Nicholas (Congham Hall) and myself decided to step in put it on again this year. We are just a bit protective over the “World Championship” aspect due to the 60 years of association. We certainly wish you every success and the snail racing is a great show thoroughly enjoyed by young and old. Best wishes Ian.

      • Editor

        Understood and thanks for your generous support. The World Championship is safe in Congham.

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